Wordpress management and installations

Setup for your Wordpress / content management system. We are Wordpress experts with years of experience.

Install Wordpress CMS

We install Wordpress into your Domain webspace for you, tweak the settings to best options, then install Top Plugins. Then we send your Login details so you can build your website.

We can also Install the WP Theme of your choice. (If Design & Development is required, add other options as well).

Wordpress Management (monthly)

With this Service, we provide a complete range of Services for Wordpress Websites on a recurring subscription basis. We keep an eye on all aspects of your WP Dashboard so that you don't have to - less worries!

Each month we will ensure all Plugins and Versions are kept updated, do Backups and Database backups, Security, tweak the website Pages, add your Posts and on-page SEO tweaks.

*Note. this Service is included with "Grow Your Business Online" Membership.